Thursday, June 12, 2008

Robin's Egg Earrings from Rayven Renn's Etsy Shop

These robin's egg earrings are
so beautiful!
They can be found in
Rayven Renn, a wonderful
Etsy shop!


Jodie said...

These are so pretty and really a nice blue robins egg colour. They look like something I would play with all the time if I wore them.

I saw the offer of promotion you posted at the forums and I would love to be featured on this blog. My shop is full of cute items, with lots of glass hearts and stars. I think you mgiht especially like these star earrings:

Everything I make is an individual design so you will never see another woman wearing your earrings.

If you feature me I'd love to hear from you via my blog or an Etsy convo.


RayvenRenn said...

Oh wow!

I just came across this again!

Thank you so much :D

I finally got around to creating my own blog but its a work in progress